Wow! £10K crowdfunded for Parental Advisory!

Thank you so very much for all our backers’ generous donations to our documentary project.

As an indie producer, particularly in the regions, it can be very challenging to get a project off the ground in its vital early conceptual stages. I’ve been genuinely moved by the support shown to Parental Advisory straight off the bat.

From the moment the campaign launched I’ve been bombarded with offers of free help – experienced VFX people offering a couple of days work for free, music fans who work in production offering their time to help with research, an unbelievable offer of assistance from a post-production house etc. etc… This gives me renewed faith that this series matters to a lot of people.

Our Indiegogo fundraiser finished with a total of £1,962. Added to the total of offline donations of £8,010 that’s brought us to the brilliant total of £9,972. Let’s call it a round £10K. While a little short of our original goal we can cut our cloth accordingly. Our brilliant team have the expertise and savvy to make this budget work for the pilot, without compromising the screen quality or our intentions.

Now the campaign’s ‘finished’ we can get cracking with preparations to make this brilliant show. We would not be able to do that without every single donation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Julie

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